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The effects of climate change, once thought to be in the distant future, have now moved firmly into the present. We here at ACE are looking to make real changes to the warming trend we are experiencing here in Alaska.

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Nagh Nduninyu

(Welcome in Dena'ina)

Because of our geographical location in the Arctic, the impacts of global climate change are brought to the doorsteps of our homes. Devastating erosion from melting permafrost undercutting our houses, melting polar ice, the retreat of glaciers, increasing storm intensity, wildfires, coastal flooding, droughts, and the loss of habitat that threatens our plant and animal species, to create the biggest issue we have ever faced as Alaskan Natives.

As a people, we have been trying to find a sustainable way to live within the context of the modern western culture, while maintaining our traditional subsistence way of life amidst all the change.

In ACE, we have found a tool that truly preserves our culture and land in a way that we see as good. You, as an individual, will hold safe the lands development rights, and protect the land’s ability to fight the changes in the climate. Your investment will assist our Native communities in preserving the culture, through wildlife habitat management and enhancement and in the critical task of finding an adaptive solutions to the rapid environmental changes in which we find ourselves immersed. We worked with some of the business professionals we have known and trust, to create agreements that allow for and promote our subsistence way of life, and protect the lands as a financial resource for our community and a guardian of our traditions.